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Cyprus Stepping Up Their Residency Program – By Jarl Moe

Did you know that Me and my Team help non Europeans to acquire new citizenship? With the battered economies in Europe they have come up with new schemes to attract wealth back in their countries and don't take my word for it... read what Forbes Magazine has to say. These days many citizens are looking to have a new residency or passport that give them access to Europe and USA the question is where can you g ...

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Jarl Moe Stories To Success Part 3 Is Released

To achieve success in life and in business requires you to utilise the powers of your mind, your network and your enthusiasm. Definiteness of purpose makes you aware of opportunities related to your major goals and it inspires courage to act on them. I just released Part 3 of my series Stories To Success on my blog - to share some of my ideas to make it all work. ...

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Tax Planning Products from TaxWizards

Invest in property all over the world without paying Capital Gains Tax Well-informed investors know that tax strategies are essential to their financial success. Investors may pay 20% - 40% of their capital gain in federal taxes, plus any state taxes. If an investor's goal is to acquire other investment property, then exchanging is a strategy that merits attention. Your Property TaxWizard contains: A comple ...

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John Fredriksen still the richest man in Norway 2013 (Cyprus actually)

The people on this year's 2013 list have fortunes totaling 848 billion NOK, a new record. The list also shows that in Norway are now 200 billionaires. There is also a new record, and 11 more than last year at the same time, writes Kapital. Top of the list sits the expatriate shipowner, rig owner and "lords" John Fredriksen. The 69-year-old Cypriot, according to calculations a fortune of 90 billion, more tha ...

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Interview about Property Investment

A while back I was interviewed by an internet TV station about Cyprus as an investment opportunity in the property market. Who was to know back then what has happened lately here in Cyprus. Wow! talk about a nutty turn around in the market. The property prices in Cyprus this year 2013 must have ensured a fall and loss of probably around 40%. A house you bought some years ago for around 500K is probably wort ...

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Cyprus new corporate annual tax boosting the economy

(CYPRUS) — New fee for Cyprus companies from 2012 The Cyprus government decided in 2011 to implement a new annual fee for active Cypriot companies of €350 per company. The Company Law  N117 (I) 2011 is due no later than 31st December, annually. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism announces a system upgrade allowing online payment of the annual year-end charge via its website of the Department of ...

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Goals 2013

The new year 2013 has arrived – It’s time for Goal Setting! (CYPRUS) — Ready for Goal Setting again? “When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on.” - Franklin D Roosevelt A new year has started and if you have not already got that pen and paper out and put a white paper on your desk and started to write…now is the time. Before I share with you what I suggest you do, first lets have a look at ...

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Jarl live on stage

Jarl Moe live on stage I love speaking to people on and off stage but if I had to chose a favourite of the two its on the stage! I have travelled all over the world speaking on financial forums about International Tax planning and personal development. The interaction with the audience on large events are pretty incredible and a complete energy boost as a speaker. And the opportunity to be available for a f ...

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