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Cyprus Waterfalls


Many people would not think we would actually have water in Cyprus as it has not rained for 5 months!
But for the few of us that know where to find the cold water it actually exists.

The Kalidonia waterfalls in Cyprus up in the mountains is one of the most well known and “largest” waterfalls in Cyprus.
A great day out traveling up to the mountain, park you car and start walking.

On a trail that goes up and up and up you will enjoy a nice trip in the woods with the aim of the waterfall.
Once up there you can cool down in the cool water and the steam that comes off it.

I can highly recommend to anyone to take a trip up and check out the sights.
Naturally for a Norwegian Viking like myself one must have a bit more than a small fall and some trickle of water:-) as Iv seen REAL waterfalls
but hey, lets be positive and enjoy the walk.

I made a short clip when I reached the top, you can check it out here:
Jarl Moe in the Cyprus waterfalls 2013

kalidonia waterfalls cyprus

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