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Cyprus Stepping Up Their Residency Program – By Jarl Moe

Did you know that Me and my Team help non Europeans to acquire new citizenship?

With the battered economies in Europe they have come up with new schemes to attract wealth back in their countries and don’t take my word for it… read what Forbes Magazine has to say.

These days many citizens are looking to have a new residency or passport that give them access to Europe and USA the question is where can you get it?

Depending on how much wealth you have (yes you have to have wealth) you can decide on a range of jurisdictions where you can obtain a new citizenship or residency, even a passport.

jarl-moe-baby-passportSome of the countries that are currently competing against each other
to get your money invested in their country against giving you a passport are:

  1. Malta
  2. Cyprus
  3. St. Kitts
  4. Ireland
  5. Antigua and Barbuda 

Yes! You can actually buy yourself into a citizen program and get the country passport!

Well, if you wish to be a bit creative about it you can always just marry a Spanish girl. Spain has turned into a country of immigration the Spanish nationality regime still distinguishes between ‘nationality by origin’ (nacionalidad originaria), and ‘derivative nationality’ (nacionalidad derivativa).

But if you just wish to have a Spanish passport, who cares what they call you?

All you need to do is to marry a Spanish girl and after one year you can apply for a Spanish passport.

Jarl Moe says: The alternative to a passport is to apply for a resident visa or a citizen ship.

The countries on the above Top 5 List is open for such solutions but you may also check out Portugal with their “Gold Residence Permit Program” where you can obtain a citizenship against an investment of $675,000.

Or how about Bulgaria giving you a full citizenship for only $500,000

Latvia is also trying to tempt investors by opening Europe for the Asians by offering a 5 year residency for only $96,000 giving access to the nations of the Schengen Are (a common visa policy shared by 26 European countries).

Maybe one of my favorites is Greece that has a vast choice of investments for the property investor in their citizen program. You can get residential visa that give you access to Europe for only around $300,000 that is not really a cost; it is an investment in property or land. What I do like about the laws in Greece is that they are also opening for time-share and for friends getting together to purchase one property and just be shareholders in the holding company.

So in other words, no need for living there or moving your address there, you just have to get some friends together, find a lovely hotel on some Greek island and invest. Boom! And you have access to Europe all year long for yourself and your family.

So what do you want? Take your pic.

My company TaxWizards can help you with the application process.

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