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Going Fast In The Snow

jarl moe snowmobile

People who know me are aware of that I like to dive and stay under water for often over one hour at the time.
Not all know that besides diving I like to go fast on snow! Here is a picture from my private collection from
the north of Norway, actually almost at the very top, a place called Karasjok.

It may not look very cold on the picture but that day it was over -40 degrees, absolutely insane.
But funny enough its possible to still be out and around as you have layer after layer under that jacket.

I remember very well the first time I entered into such cold climate. Walking out from my hotel in the evening
I immediately got ice in my nose, and then I mean ice… just from the steam breathing.
Walking on the snow you could hear a crunching sound walking down the road in the dark, and it is dark, very dark.
Actually in Norway during the winter in the North there is no sunlight (almost) during parts of the year.

As I came down the hill from the hotel and onto a stretch of road I saw a parking lot to the right, it was full of
cars, maybe 20 of them, all with the engine and NO PEOPLE to see! It was like it was taken out of some Stephen King book
scenario (and a read a lot of those so my imagination ran wild).

I saw what seemed to be some kind of coffee shop in a pile of snow and walked in the door.
Full of people.

Hmm, I thought, this must be the people that owns the cars…

I asked one of the men wearing a traditional Samish suits as one of the pictures below…if he had a car on the
parking lot? Yes! he said. I asked him why it is standing there running? and he explained that it was too cold to
stop the car, it simply most likely would not start again in this cold -40. Intrigued, I continued to ask – But what
in the night when you go to bed? He explained that it was still running in the night!
Are you not afraid the car will be stolen? we are pretty close to the Finland boarder, I said.

The man then toughed his HUGE knife sitting in his belt and said…Up here, we don’t steal each others cards.
I agreed:-)

To check out the sights of the beautiful Karasjok have a look at this link
Karasjok Visit Norway page

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