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HS Records founded my Jarl Moe

Originally I started my career in the music industry as an International DJ, and in the 80’s and 90’s every DJ’s dream was to open his own record store. These days it’s to open their own records label!
When I was DJ’ing it was all about vinyl records if you where a true DJ.

However, I founded my own record store in 1995 called HS Records. Located in Oslo centre in Norway.
This was the ultimate DJ megastore with music, technical equipment and much more. We where the trend setters in the music industry and a CD or a vinyl record was not known as a CD or a vinyl record it was an HS CD or an HS 12″.

I saw in 1997 that the music industry was changing and that MP3 was coming.
I already owned the No 1 site in Norway on club music and I had my own record stores, distribution company and record label.

I always believed in developing my company to be way ahead of everybody else so I decided to develop a vision I had of an MP3 music store. The problem was that the technology to open such a store did not exist, so I decided to create it.

I teamed up with two young programmers in a company we called Creative Communication Group and started developing our system. I named it ELS, Electronic Listening Station.

The idea was that you could walk into the shop, pick up a CD and walk over to a screen and a scanner and biip the barcode and listen to the record. The whole store would be on MP3! In addition we would have the HS 100 list and the top 10 categories on the screen that you could scroll though. When you decided to purchase a record you would click on it and put it in your cart and carry on shopping. When finished check out and walk to the counter and the man behind the desk would hand you over your CD’s (we did not burn tracks or own CD’s but we could easily have done that…copy write its called..the thing that messed that up)

All the financial news papers and many magazines and ordinary press followed the development and opening of this super high tech store that opened in Oslo in year 2000, and yes we where also preparing for the 2000 year problem on the PC that never came!

On top you see two of the many news articles about Jarl Moe and the HS Records MP3 store and ELS.
Cool stuff.

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