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Jarl challenging one of the riches men in Norway to a battle

jarlmoe_vg_selling_gazoline_bensin_newsarticle_norway When I was 28 years old I decided to make my own personal protest against the high taxes and petrol prices in Norway. So what did I do?

I hired a petrol station for 2 hours and sold petrol at 0.30 Uk cents per litre!
How many people do you think showed up? Well, they needed a helicopter to show the que on the news that day.
Iv been trying to find the video clip from TV2 in Norway showing you the interview that was on the 7,9 and 11 o’clock news that day but still its missing in action… one of those old VHS cassettes if you can recall them?

The scan of the newspaper above is from the No. 1 news paper in Norway and that day I got many many many radio, TV stations and newspapers covering the case.

A lone ranger against the government and high taxes!
I also made sure that I challenged one of the riches men in Norway that day telling him off for not doing what I did, something for the man in the street.

If I as an ordinary man running a record shop could show Norway how we felt, how come he did not?

My daughter was only some months old and joined me on the show:

celina moe

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