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Jarl Moe and Dan Børge Akerø

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One of the most covered TV interviews I probably done was the one with the great Dan Børge Akerø, an icon in Norwegian television.
A fantastic professional in the industry and probably the most well known face on TV in Norway with shows like Gullruten, Idrettsgallaen and Den Store Klassefesten.

He was inside online gambling in the 90’s with Global Money Games and back then it was called a “stock bubble” and I guess this was one of the few times
he was not spoken so highly about in the press…

However, still on and off TV today and lately running large charitable fundraiser shows he is one of the most respected people in the industry.

Interviewing true professionals in the same industry is always a bit nerve wrecking as they always know how to NOT answer questions and almost act
like politicians on answers. It’s a great learning experience speaking to people like Dan because they are ultimate communicators and they know how
to use, what for normal people are only words, to powerful tools to achieve results.

I learned a lot from Dan and he also presented me to several of the largest privately owned TV station for several jobs and interviews.

jarl moe og dan borge akero

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