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Jarl Moe and Robert Miles

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Remember Robert Miles with his MEGAHIT “Children” ? I remember it very well and when Robert was creating this track I was working with him and Scandinavian Records for the release of the track in the Scandinavian market. The above picture of me and Robert was taken after one of my radio shows in Oslo, Norway.

When the record first came out Mr. Jarl Moe grabbet it! and took all the white label vinyl records he could! Trust me that was a good idea.
I used to love to go to the big clubs and stand on the dance floor with the lights spinning and people dancing around me listening to the music that I knew that I was responsible for importing to the country, if it was not for Jarl they would not have heard the track! can you imagine how that felt?

So many happy people jumping up and down to the music…

The track I do remember the best was Faithless with “Insomina”… Oh, my God what a mega hit that was and again I broke the record into the Scandinavian market.
I think we must have sold over 1,500 12″ vinyl records of that track and every time I was out people was shouting and jumping and raising their hands in the air
to the music coming out of the speakers and again it was all my fault:-)

Great fun!

During my time working with Scandinavian Records as a consultant I helped the release some of the biggest songs in dance music, a time to remember for always.

A really funny story is when DJ Jurgen came to Norway and we had the party…after the event I went home to bed and was woken up early in the morning by a call from the hotel where Jurgen was staying, they said I had to come to the hotel immediately they had a problem.. As I came to the hotel I was met in the reception by two staff looking pretty worried. “What’s the problem?” I asked and they said “We have to show you”. We went upstairs to the fifth floor and to a room with DJ Jurgen laying in the bed with his clothes on. I looked at him and asked again “So, what’s the problem?” they said ” This is not his room!”.
What had happened is that he had gone to the wrong bedroom at 7 am in the morning absolutely off his face and climbed into the bed of an old couple sleeping in the same bed.

Well well…stuff happens.

Here are some links to take you down that memory lane with me:

Insomnia with Faithless

Mr Off His Face DJ Jurgen – Better Off Alone

Mr. Robert Miles with his mega trance piano hit “Children’

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