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Jarl Moe getting Married

jarl moe and nimet moe wedding

Taking a walk down memory lane here is some pictures and some memories from my wedding to my late wife Nimet some years ago.
Back then we had no worries about the future, we where going to spend our life together and had a whole bunch of plans.
Getting married was a stressful time:-) If you reading this ever did get married I’m sure you would agree, not even knowing anything about your situation.

On the other side of course it was a time to remember and nice in many ways having friends from all over the world visiting, even all the way from Australia.
We had our wedding at a 5 star hotel on the Turkish side of Cyprus and we decided to have a 5 course dinner at the event for over 250 people. The key to get all of that to work is table seating and we spent a lot of time figuring out who could survive to sit next to each other a whole evening, not easy with family members and some family conflicts, especially from my wife’s side that had a BIG family.

We had the food, the drinks, the drummers, the band, the dancers, the wedding cake and the fun all night long.

The only thing that I guess was a bit different was that we did not host any speeches, there was only one speech and it was my speech to the bride.
This was also not really a speech but a song. I told her that I did not really have words to say that could be said better than this song..
The song I’m speaking about is Lady by Kenny Rogers (video link here) and I sang the song
solo without any music to it. I had purchased a karaoke disk but of course, it was forgotten…

Just after 1am I was so tired I tried to get my excited wife to go to bed too, but to chance. She ended up partying until 5am and tired Mr Jarl Moe
had to go and rest.

jarl moe wedding start

jarl og celina bryllum

jarl getting married

jarl moe wedding 1

jarl moe wedding 2

jarl moe wedding 3

jarl moe wedding cake

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