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The biggest newspaper in Norway interview of Jarl Moe

jarlmoe_founder_hsrecords_VG_newsarticle In 1995 i founded HS Records in Oslo and when the largest news paper in Norway was going to write a story about start ups and founders of new business ideas they decided to make a story on me and HS Records.

Above is one section of the news paper article.

I will translate the Norwegian for you:-) Its very directly translated so bear with me..I write it as it is.

“You have to have the stomach to invest”

My father spent a lot of time when I was young to teach me that I was unbeatable. That resulted in being quite full of myself in my teenage years and not liked by many people. Later it has only been to my benefit what my father was teaching me, says Jarl Moe (25)
Last year he sold special imported music for over ten million and this year he expects to double his turnover.

After 7 years as a DJ in Norway and abroad 22 year old Jarl was convinced there was a niche in the Norwegian music market. Nobody imported the special music that was played on all the cool clubs in Europe. If Norwegians would stand any chance following the trends somebody had to take care of that part of the industry, says Jarl.

Summer 1995 he came across a location in the middle of Oslo city. That was the start of House Specialist Records, HS Records.

I had 70.000 to invest and decided there and then to start. I did not have any goods to sell, but I took what I had and opened the store immediately.

index_jarlmoe_hsrecordsThe store was 190 square meters so Jarl put in some oil drums and two telephone boots and clothes from a friends store to fill the space. (inside the telephone boots was record players so you walked into the booth to listen).
The counter back then was 1,5 meters. Today it is 18 meters and the cellar is filled of the latest music. He does not do everything himself but has 8 employees. In his second floor he has hired a separate staff that only will deal with online and telephone sales. He owns another store in the city Trondheim and is working on opening a new store in the best West End area of Oslo, in Bergen city, Stavanger city and South Beach, California.

I was in South Beach on vacation last year and looked at all the gays and rich young people and thought to myself, OK its just to get started here too! Jarl Moe says smiling.

To never never give up, high self esteem and self discipline are some of the skills Jarl feels has taken him this far.

The article are several pages but this was the intro.
HS Records became the standard of dance music in Scandinavia and is by far one of the most successful stories in my life.

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