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Jarl Moe Judo Champion

jarlmoe_judo_teamMost people know me as an International Business man but not may know that I was quite active in sports too.

My sport was the Japanese art of Judo.
I started at a very young age and started competitions fighting in district, Norwegian, Nordic and European championships.

Look at the picture above taken out of some Norwegian newspapers and see if you can find me:-)

After winning and receiving medals in several international championships I was often in the news.
Like this news clipping under where I am for show throwing my sister around for the photographer.


Naturally the goal as a young Judo champion was to get to the black belt, actually as my main trainer had black belt 3rd day I really wanted that too and over the years I found that to be a great target and a lot of sweat and tears.

jarlmoe_judopassport During my years of training I wanted to teach my skills to more people and started as one of the main trainers for yellow to green belt.
Through the years I found a lot of joy to train others achieving their goals in this great sport, but I wanted to take my skills to the next level and decided to become a Judo Judge.
I started taking courses and achieved my judge certificate.

To be a judge in any sport is a great challenge and you have hundreds of people watching.

To be a speaker on stage as I have been on events all over the world I consider an easy task compared to standing between two of the world’s best fighters getting ready to do whatever they can to win.
To be close to winners is always a good thing and I can safely state that I have had the pleasure to spend many times and shared many moments with some of the best of the best within Judo. Strong minded athletes that trained with me for years to push their personal borders and achieve greatness.

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