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Jarl Moe on the Radio

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I have been on the radio in many countries around the world with my own radio show named Beat Max Hour.
I guess one of my favorite radio stations I was touring at was Radio 1. They had some kind of special “woofer” that made the sound
on the radio in my ears sound much better.

On the show I would call and interview different celebrities withing the music industry or have some of them of course visit in the studio.
The focus was to introduce new club music that I was importing to my record stores across Scandinavia or to play what was the ultimate
tracks of that week on the dance floors where we where playing.

These days naturally people has changed their listening habits and are more focused on their own MP3s on their phone than listening to the
radio but we now also see that iTunes are increasing their focus on the new type of radio called just that… iTunes Radio Home page of iTunes Radio
This is really taking it to the next level as you can set up play lists of different stations and you can also set up play lists from your favorite artists.

The best benefit of listening to radio is that this is where you experience a feed of new music, music and sounds that you are not looking for or even know is existing.
And that is what music is all about, finding new stuff to enjoy. It is truly amazing how humans has the capability to create new sound and music all the time, I mean, you would think that they would run out of ideas to create them from right? And of course some tracks are just plain stupid and still major hits.
The latest one now in October 2013 is the Norwegians called Ylvis, two brothers are used to stage performance and made a song just for the fun of it and had no idea it was going to be a smash it entering the top 10 on Billboard check it out here Ylvis the Fox on Billboard
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