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Jarl Moe on TV3

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Some time ago I was on TV3 in Norway on a TV show called “Super Rebus” where you basically stand and is asked lots of questions and you have to press the buzzer button to answer. Person who answers the best and fastest win lots of prices etc. Who do you think won?

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The newspapers naturally also covered this and here is one of the clippings that I’ll translate for you to Norwegian.

Header: TV crazy Staverns boy on TV3

Competition: Thursday the competition starts with Jarl Moe against Hanne Marit Nordmann on TV3’s Super Rebus

I love to how the world I can smile on camera:-) Says Jarl Moe from Stavern. Thursday he will be smiling
on the TV screens on National TV 3 in the new game Super Rebus.
It was great fun to participate, says Jarl, that for some is also known as TV anchor man on TV Larvik.

“Why did you join this TV show?” I wish to become a TV anchor man on national TV and I’m interested in checking out how the show is made.
It’s also a great way to come in touch with people that works within TV being here..

“So this was a type of promotion for yourself?” Yes, I guess you can say that and it is a great opportunity to get more practice in front of
national TV cameras, says Jarl that admit he has strong self confidence.

Yes, I do have self confidence and you have to have it to get anywhere, says Moe.

Jarl is having his big day on TV3 this Thursday.

“Will you be sitting in-front of the TV yourself that day?” Nei, I will be working when they show it but I will record it on video and keep it
as one of my memories of performing on National TV.

Because Jarl is aiming to show himself on National TV again. Sunday he was on audition for anchor man job in the new TV Z.

Getting make up on…
jarl moe on tv3 makeup2
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