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Jarl Moe – Stories About Success Part 1

jarl moe hospitalHow do you define success? And what are you willing to sacrifice to get there? As you may have experienced not all people appreciate that they believe to be a successful person and would rather say something negative than positive about you.

I don’t know about your country, but in mine, Norway, what we call “Jante loven” (basically you should not be successful and talk about it) is very strong.

I never understood why some people have to speak down on other people and especially try and find something bad to say about a successful person. Personally I love successful people and to listen to them and learn from them. Jealousy has never been my thing.

I truly believe that it is bad karma to speak negative – so I do my best to speak, stay and act positively especially in times when it seems all odds are against me.

My Grandmother that I still call Mommo (because I could not say Mor Mor, the Norwegian word for Mothers Mother) thought me the values of the elders when I was very young. I spent a lot of time with her and she thought me about everything from the name of every flower in the garden and forrest to every berry or fruit on a tree and how to make jam or food from what we could reap from her garden.

I think its a shame that many young people today do not get to spend enough time with their elders and seed on the values built up through generations to become good people in heart, mind and soul. The teachings of right and wrong fair and unfair we know are different from person to person. Some people think its ok to lie and to blackmail others to get whatever it is they want, while others go the traditional route with sticking to the truth and not let negative energy change their values and actions.

“A true man is a man that can lay a strong foundation by the bricks that others throw at him” Is a quote that I often think about when I stand and seem to be facing evil and I get ready to catch that brick and put it under my feet.

I have to admit that my positive energy got a blow last year when I spent the year facing true evil in form of my wife’s cancer. It was like in general all energy was sucked out of me. I could not work, I could not think straight, I could not communicate properly, I could not solve the problems…Jarl Moe could not save her.

But as in life as in business the key to success is to put things in perspective. To find the positive angle to something that initially seem utterly negative.

How can I use this situation to become a better person? How can I use this negative experience to change my life for the better? How can I use my new knowledge to help others in similar situations? How can I become a better “brick builder” ?

And remember, even though many people say the same lie – does not change the truth.

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