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John Fredriksen still the richest man in Norway 2013 (Cyprus actually)


The people on this year’s 2013 list have fortunes totaling 848 billion NOK, a new record.
The list also shows that in Norway are now 200 billionaires. There is also a new record, and 11 more than last year at the same time, writes Kapital.

Top of the list sits the expatriate shipowner, rig owner and “lords” John Fredriksen.

The 69-year-old Cypriot, according to calculations a fortune of 90 billion, more than 20 billion more than a year ago.
It means that his fortune has increased by 55 million – more than the current record in Lotto – every day over the last year!

At the opposite end we find among others the Color Line Olav Nils Sunde own, which, according to the list has been his fortune shaved 2 billion.

Olav Thon second position

The next four billionaires on the list have fortunes of between 22 and 27.2 billion, and it is Olav Thon comes closest to Fuller and his wealth of 27.7 billion.

Then follow Johan Johannson who owns the grocery group Norway group. He has, according to the magazine a fortune of 26 billion.

Another major player in the retail sector, Odd Reitan, is in fourth place with his fortune estimated at 25.3 billion dollars.

Johan H. Andresen, tobacco heir and now the owner of the investment company Ferd says with a fortune of 22 billion and ranked so that the fifth richest person.

John Fredriksen becoming a Cypriot

Some time ago after the Norwegian tax office had been bothering Fredriksen continuously about his taxes and where he was residing, by even timing him how many
hours or minutes he was in and out of the country, Fredriksen got upset and said “I’m leaving”.
He went to Cyprus and deposited the required amount to get a Cypriot passport. I think at that time it was about 15 million Euro, basically what Fredriksen makes
in half a day….
He then handed in his Norwegian passport and cancelled his citizenship in Norway!
When the newspapers later interviewed him his famous quote was “I’d rather be a Cypriot than a Patriot!”
He also stated that maybe he was not going to pay any tax to the country which had raised him, but his thousands of employed people paid their taxes so he did
feel he contributed in a big way.

Jarl Moe flying a private jet next to John Fredriksen

My personal story about John Fredriksen happened some years ago when I spent some time in Norway.
I was together with one of my business partners Mr. Paul that previously actually had dated one
of the daughters of Fredriksen and we had to fly to Ireland to some kind of airport where we would
not find any direct flights and we where in a hurry to what then was the most important meeting in
the year (it felt), so we decided to hire a private yet.

Early in the morning, maybe around 7 am we walked into the private jet lounge in Oslo and as we where
walking out to our jet John Frediksen came walking on the right side of us. He looked at us and we
looked at him, he looked forward where the two jets was parked next to each other in the huge hall
and we both realized that “our” jet was much bigger than his.

He looked back at us and said: So you boys are getting up in the world I see…good!

The coffee on the plane had never tasted as good:-)

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