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Raised By Children – Traveling alone with the kids

boysinpramAfter my last post I have had over 60 emails and comments giving support and I am very grateful for them all. I also had one negative one.

The Grandmother posted my link on her Facebook and one of her friends posted “What a prick!” as a comment. An interesting comment about someone that has been together with his wife for almost six years, married, two children and now a widower taking care of his children in the best way possible as the sole surviving parent.

Napoleon Hill once stated: “Opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth”.

Before I continue to share the story, maybe I should specify that in fact both my children and myself love the Grandmother and she is a fantastic woman – so the story is not in anyway written to expose anyone or criticize anyone. It is a story of how love, life and death in a family can cause disputes and fights and when it all comes down to it you find that all it really means is that we all care about each other and looking back at the situation maybe we all would act different if we could do it again…and how at the end you figure it out together. After all, it is the children’s best interest everyone is after.

Jarl Moe Leaving for Norway
After the court documents was issued in January 2013 I was still not able to get hold of the Grandmother that was traveling outside the UK and was not home. I sat in UK in a house I did not need anymore and with a lovely Bulgarian nanny that had decided she needed to go back to Bulgaria the 16th of the month.

Naturally I was very upset after the death of my wife and I felt I had no support from my wife’s family in UK. They where of course on their own way dealing with the sorrow and I don’t blame them, but I too needed to be close to my loved ones and decided to leave the UK to travel to my family in Norway. And so I did.

Prior to leaving we had a nice dinner together with the boys Great Grandparents and some of the family members. The Great Grandparents are truly amazing people and I was happy we could spend some time together before we left.

The day I left UK was a stressful day. Try yourself to take a two children in a double pram with luggage into London central and having to travel inside London and then out to an airport all by yourself…. My God!

After a long day of traveling around we finally ended up at the airport hotel and I remember sitting there in the dark listening to the Ipad playing my youngest sons sleeping music, and having the older one sleeping already in the bed, opening a bottle of white wine and pouring the glass, placing both my hands covering my face, putting my elbows on the table and asking myself: How the hell am I going to get though this new challenge?

The articles I am writing here of quite personal information are samples taken out of a book I am writing about my journey to become a single parent and even more importantly how Jarl Moe had to change his ways as a man and a person to adjust to the new situation. How do you plan your life, days and home to survive as a single parent? I had to learn all of it from scratch and figure out the best ways possible for both the children and myself be be happy and not stressed. I am sorry to say that I think that in the future there will be a wave of single parents, not because of death by cancer, but because the world has changed.

People do not stay together as they did in the past.

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