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Raised By Children – Winning in Court

jarl moe and teo moe
As a single father I have found that Raising Children is a big task, especially when you do not have that second half helping you. As you may know we are coming up to the one year date from my wife passing away after fighting cancer for almost one year.

The last year have been a ride of new learning and offered more challenges than I have ever experienced in my business or private life ever before.

After my wife passed away in December 2012 slowly a fight with the Grandmother of my children started.
I will add to the story that hopefully it’s passed now but when it all started it was quite stressful.
I am not sure how or why it all happened but I believe that back then, nobody believed that I would be able to take care of two children alone. Jarl Moe the International Business Man and world traveller taking care of two small kids? What was he thinking?

I was in London and after not being able to reach her after Christmas and to retrieve the passports that I believed to be in her safe I contacted the Norwegian Embassy in London to ask for new passports. I was told that they could not give them to me because….

They had been called by someone that told them they where the Grandmother of the children that claimed that the children had lived with her the passed year and that I had not been around at all. They where told to not give me any passports if I contacted them to ask as I could then kidnap the children, and if I really was the sole provider of the children I had to get a court order over to them…

Very seldom do I loose my temper, but that was it! I almost smashed the telephone into the wall of anger, frustration and disappointment but then thought…I need the phone to call my lawyer! So I kept calm and made the call.

It was 10 am in the morning and the courts closed for new cases at 1 pm I was told. No time to loose. However it took me until 3.30 to get to the Family Courts in London with my papers. As I walked though the door of the office I saw a glass wall with two men behind it and in front of them a small hole in the glass to let in papers and sound.

I walked over and handed over the papers, the guy looked at me and said: “Thank you Sir, we will file the documents and you will hear from us in about one week”. What are you mad? I almost shouted back, its Friday today and I need to see the judge today!

The guy gave me a small grin and said: “There is no way you will be able to see the judge today” He pointed at a sign stating – No papers accepted after 1 PM.

I told the guy I did not care about the sign and that I had to see him today it was a matter of urgency about two small children of the age of 1 and 2. He did not budge.

So I said, So, what is it I need to do to file the papers prior to seeing the judge?

With the grin now off his face the guy answered, “You have to go over there to that lady and pay the 250 pounds court fee and then with the stamp on the back I will handle the documents and issue a case ID number and then we will notify you for the date in court.”

I took back my papers and went over to the lady, paid the money and got the stamp.
Then I went back to the man and asked, where is the judge now?

The guy looked surprised and told me with a now even louder voice that Mr. Moe would not be able
to see the judge.

I said, “Now, you listen to me. My children is home with my nanny at this moment and we have people coming to our door, people that have claimed that I am a kidnapper risk to my children which is not the case. This of course make me nervous that they on their side will kidnap them and fly off, for all I know they may have obtained passports for the kids without my knowledge. You will tell me where the judge is now, and let him decide to see him or not, because if you don’t, I will hold you personally responsible if anything happens to my children this weekend because the lack of help I have had here today!”

I could see the guy started to sweat..he said, court room 304, 6th floor.

I went upstairs and was greeted by a guard standing by the door.
The court is in session, the man told me.

I had already created a note to hand over to the judge with my file that said: Dear Judge, my children may be kidnapped this weekend if you do not see me today, Kind regards, Jarl Moe, Father.

I told the guard I had an urgent message to the clerk of the Judge…
He let me in and I walked over to the clerk and handed over the note.

She came outside and told me that the Judge could not see me today…so she was told the same speech I had given 5 floors down.

I was allowed to see the Judge and was issued Court orders in my favor there and then.

You see, even though a lot of people are stating and claiming one thing, does not change the truth. In this case that I was the sole surviving parent with full parental responsibility.

I had not eaten all day and had just been running non stop from 10am on pure adrenaline but I can tell you, I have never felt better than what I did walking our of that court room that day. I had set a target and achieved it against all odds and against everything I was told.

Nobody was kidnapping the children, and I was finally ready to move on and live my life with my two small boys without interference from anyone (that’s what I thought).

It was the first fight for my children and it started a domino effect of events I will cover in my next personal story.

It is a story of dispute, anger, frustration, blackmail, personal attacks, alleged scams, family values, police men, courts barristers and lawyers but most importantly about love.

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