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Rene Dif Mr. Barbie Girl and Jarl Moe

jarl moe og rene dif

Here is a picture of me and Rene Dif one of the founders of the group Aqua, he is the one that says
“come on Barbie let’s go party” and a bit more in the video of I’m a Barbie girl:-) The picture is taken in the hallway of some large cruise ship I was the
DJ and presenter and Rene came visiting.

The story about Aqua is a bit interesting and fun because it was very close to me when it all happened. Rene needed work and back then I was the
resident DJ on a place called Cruise in Tonsberg in Norway. I booked Rene in playing when I was not here and he became the boyfriend during that
time with Lene Nystrøm the singer in Aqua.
I was dating Miss Norway / Miss Universe Silje Skaug Syvertsen and we where all good friends spending time together.

I remember very well that Rene called me up one day and said “You know Jarl, I took Lene to the studio and she can sing!” Yeah, right I answered, I bet she can sing…
not believing him at all that this could possibly be anything special. But they where going back and forth to the studio trying different tracks and working on their act that you know as Aqua.

Back then I was also owning HS Records and I remember very well the year we where nominated to Hitawards. I was sitting in my office in Oslo and Lene and Rene walked in her in a pink hairy jacket and him in a blue hairy jacket. Rene handed over a burned CD and asked me to put it on in my office to have a listen, it was the track they where going to perform that night. I put the CD in and pressed play and out of the speakers came “I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world”. While playing the song from start to end Rene and Lene was sitting quiet waiting for a response to their question “what do you think?”.

Well, I said…It seem to be a catchy song with a catchy title and will probably work very well with the young crowd..
They left my office in their hairy jacket seeming happy and excited about the evening show and I remember calling after Rene, do you have the same telephone number?
He said YES! and I answered, So remember to text me your new number when you become famous!.

The next time I saw them was on TV on one of the most popular breakfast shows in USA performing Barbie Girl.
What had happened since I saw them was that they had been sued by the Barbie making company and because of the lawsuit the song was played on every
news station across the globe. When later Mattel Inc lost the court case Barbie girl was already a massive hit around the world.

Well done, very profitable and great fun!

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