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Ronny Johnsen and Jarl Moe not speaking about Manchester United

ronny johnsen and jarl moe manchester united

Let me share with you a funny story when it comes to me and football.
People who knows me well know that I did play some football when I was a young boy, but I really never had any interest in it neither really playing
nor watching it.

Me and my family used to own a summer place in Norway in a place called Kragero. It is really the most amazing summer area of Norway full of islands
and “fjords”. Our summer place was on an island called Sauoya and every year of course lots of friends took the opportunity to come and party on the island
and enjoy the summer in the nicest way.

One year a friend of mine called up and asked if he could come and bring a friend, I said of course, and some hours later they came down to the city.
As our place was on the island I had to get them by boat and drive back to the island. Over the next days we had lots of summer fun. As you can see on the
picture above one of the days we spent water skiing.

One evening we took the boat into the city and went out on a club where I was a DJ that evening.
During the eve I saw a lot of people coming over to my new friend Ronny, first there was ladies (no wonder as I guess he is pretty good looking) but then
several men too… I just didn’t get it. Sometimes Ronny would come to me in the DJ box and cool down by the air-con I had there and share a beer and then
he would go back into the crowd and the same thing would happen.

At 3AM the party was over and we came outside the club, again lots of people around Ronny.
Our other friend wanted to go to an after party but me and Ronny decided no and jumped in my boat and started cruising towards the island.
Sitting in the boat I asked him: “Ronny, I could not help but notice there was a lot of people speaking to you tonight?, what is it you do again?”
He looked at me and smiled like he thought I was kidding…. when I repeated myself he understood that I was actually being honest, I did not know what he did.

He said: Well, I play for a football team that is called Manchester United.
Oh, I said, is that ok then? He said it was ok…

Me and Ronny that evening had a lot of good talks, NOT about football and I guess it was nice for him to actually sit privately and look at a fantastic
view with a drink and not speak about football at all…

Ronny has now become very successful outside the footbal arena running one of the biggest sports betting companies in Norway.
Well done!

ronny johnsen and jarl moe

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