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Stories To Success Part 4 – Time Management And Opportunity By Jarl Moe

In Part 4 of Stories to Success we will cover some other key factors you must include to achieve success in whatever it is you wish to do:

I will cover the first 2 out of 6 in this chapter:

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1) Time Management And Budget
2) Be Alert To Opportunity

3) Decision Making
4) Cooperation And Team
5) Faith In Your Goals
6) Success Consciousness

Time Management And Budget

Most things in life come in abundance and are available to us based on our position in life. The only thing that is not in abundance is time and the amount of money available to you for your project. So both has to be spent wisely.
There have been numerous books written on time management that you can read to get inspiration, one of my favourites is Brian Tracy “Time”.
The short story is that you have to write down what you must achieve in a certain time frame and allocate time every day to do those tasks.

When Jarl Moe does time planning I normally do it backwards:

I start with writing down on a piece of paper what it is I have achieved when I am finished. Then I start writing down the milestones that must have happened for me to achieve that goal in time.

Example: Finished the shopping and taken the kids to football training by 5 pm.

Taken the kids to football training: 15 minutes
Arguing and dressing kids: 15 minutes
Driving home from the shop: 15 minutes
Shopping: 30 minutes
Drive to shopping: 15 minutes
Making my shopping list: 5 minutes

Total: 1 hour 35 minutes
Must start this at latest: 3.20 PM

I am not saying that you always have to break down your time management in minutes because sometimes you have no clue of how long time the task may take. But when you do have a target and goal on the time, you are more likely to achieve it.

Time budgeting will always pay off to reach your goal and money is best used to your advantage when the money is allocated to ensure you reach milestones along your way.

Be Alert To Opportunity:

jarl moe hello signWhen you know what your major purpose is it will be easier for you to be alert to opportunities related to your major goals. Your subconscious mind will look for opportunity constantly and you will be helped by your intuition. You may also find that you are not as shy as you normally would be if you believe that taking an action or grabbing the opportunity will accelerate you towards your goal.

Have you example been standing on some open area like a hotel lobby or a train station and seen a person. You look at the person, they look at you and for one second you feel a connection that is stronger than normal? I believe that your destiny or the universe (or whatever you wish to call it) send you opportunities and people along the way. It is up to you to grab it when it happens.

Most things you have in life started with saying “hello” to a person. My name is Jarl Moe, how are you doing?

My hello’s gave me my job, my wife, my children, my friends, my opportunities.

The power of taking action and being open and stating a simple hello, will never go out of fashion.

Decide today to become a hello person! I do it every day.

And to get inspired have a listen to Lionel Richie’s Song Hello

Good luck, have fun with it.

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