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Tiesto and Jarl Moe

jarl moe and tiesto

I’v had the pleasure to work with and help many known artist of today to the top.
I guess the biggest one in the DJ world is DJ Tiesto.
Above you see a picture that I took myself of Tiesto spinning records in on of my shops.

In the days of his first CD’s named Forbidden Paradise I got to know this lively Dutchman.
He must be one of the nicest people I have ever met in the music industry. Fun, humble, focused, talented and hard working.
After he finalized the Forbidden Paradise series he decided to launch “Magic” and we hosted the Magic events in Norway.
Many of my friends in the industry are still today working with “Tais” (his real name) and enjoying the events and the music.
Iv heard that his last tour basically was sold out and that he is now bringing a big crew, own stage and effects with him.

Dj’s these days are like superstars. One of the young students of Tiesto is Armin Van Buuren another Dutchman.
Apparently he is voted to the best DJ of the year last year and now in 2013. When he came visiting Cyprus last time we had a chat about the old days.
He too had parties and was playing in my stores and these days they are standing in front of sometimes tens of thousands of people jumping up and down
to their music. Jarl Moe aka DJ Beat Max had such dreams too, but I ended up as a business man instead…

to get you in the mood check out these two hits from those days by my friend Tiesto

Tiesto live in Oslo one of our parties

Forbidden Paradise by Tiesto

Tiesto Live Party

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